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IDCCoop - International Digital Currency Cooperative
A project of, SCE Ltd. (European Cooperative Society)

Objects of the cooperative
- To provide an interest-free system cooperatively owned by the people alternatively to the fraudulent interest debt money system.
- To provide a free account and payment service, a free basic income to all persons worldwide, the same amount worldwide, and other poverty elimination efforts.
- To prevent the further establishment of a financial dictatorship and a dictatorship of the international corporations.
- To support the financial independence of municipalities and regions.
- To support the provision of easy conditions for entrepreneurs and companies including interest-free finance and support efforts against enslavement of workers.
- To support efforts to eliminate interest-bearing debt and efforts against bankruptcy of companies because of excessive debts.

Members and members' shares
The nominal value of 1 share is EUR 1.
All registered verfied users of services are obliged to become members after a trial period.
- individual persons are obliged to subscribe at least 1 member share.
- non-profit companies and other non-profit entities are obliged to subscribe at least 10 member shares.
- for-profit companies and other for-profit entities are obliged to subscribe at least 100 member shares.

Supervisory organs: IDVO and SESEL

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